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What will actually work to transform your life?

What is the shortest distance between your current reality and your dream life experience ?

What would your life be like if you found the change that worked for you ?

Finding your vibrant self in this vast world

What People Are Saying

Wonderful experience. Aligning my chakras has brought out/ unloaded so many emotions. I feel like my heart was drowning and I could not hold back my tears. Very Liberating!! 

– Bianca F

What People Are Saying

Amazing Experience!! Meditation was the best part of my whole experience. My goal was to find a place or zone/ point of relaxation… a moment of peace . And I was able to achieve that. The psychic was a good closing. I got the answers to exactly what I was looking for. Happy Camper! 

– Johanna P

What People Are Saying

I experienced my first visual journey while meditating with Kalpana. I could feel the energy buzzing through my feet and legs.

– Stephanie F

There are so many programs, modalities, philosophies, diets, products, etc., that

all promise some amazing difference in your life journey.

You have probably tried many of them and – even though you experienced some benefit – you’re finding yourself

still not quite feeling the way that you want to.

Something is still not firing properly.

You’re still not quite feeling as the true YOU.

Your energy still feels a bit funky.

Your relationship hasn’t exploded into that phenomenal blissful experience.

How often do you find yourself frustrated that all your efforts have yet to produce that ideal state of being that you desire?

What if you can be done with trying things and feeling disappointed & frustrated?

How confusing does it feel to find that next thing to try to see if that is the one that will bring it all home?

What if you can receive clarity as to what the actual opportunity is for you and effective guidance on the shifts that will bring you into the space you desire?

At Seeking Your Oasis

We have been on this same path for a while.

Our journeys have included getting trained and certified in various skills that allow us to zero in on your unique opportunity, dispel any specific blocks you have and chart the course that is geared toward you shifting into your ideal space, in a way that is fulfilling for you.

And our life experiences have encountered many of the same opportunities as yours.

We have experienced pain, frustration, confusion, struggle.

We learned to not give up, to let go of what needed to be released to create the space for that which was essential for us.

We opened up to a new way of being, living & loving, and learned to flow with life as opposed to resisting it.

Meet the Team


Kalpana Vasu is a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Eating Psychology Coach a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) and a Heal Your Life workshop leader. Additionally, she is a Reiki practitioner, a RYT200 yoga teacher and an essential oils expert. Kalpana has a true passion for helping people cultivate unconditional love for themselves, and to form healthy relationships with food. She is adept at identifying & resolving any emotional or energetic blocks that are impeding her clients fromfeeling, living and loving at the level they desire and deserve.

Her main goal in her coaching practice is to help people to love themselves “now” as opposed to waiting to do that only when they “get there.” As she supports them in loving themselves unconditionally in this moment, Kalpana creates the clarity, passion and momentum to joyfully achieve their life priorities.


Andres DeJesus is a Psychic & Energy Worker, who does readings focusing on the past present & future. He educates his clients on how energies & events affect their lives, and how to work with them. He is a Chakra healer, Medium and counselor, and works to help people better understand themselves and their situations. His psychic reading provides a blueprint of things to come, help assess one’s present, and be better prepared for new experiences. Andres’ Healings & Mediumship will transform the way you see energy, and your ability to self-transform into a more grounded individual.


Kavita Vasu, MD is a Mount Sinai trained Psychiatrist, with Board certifications in Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Integrative Holistic Medicine. She has held faculty appointments at Mount Sinai and St George’s University. Although trained in Western medicine, she has a deep understanding of the Mind-Body connection.  She helps her clients with Evidence-based approaches like Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Life style medicine as well as alternative therapies such as Essential Oils and Deep Breathing. She believes in utilizing the power of the mind to attain physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as create balance in all areas of life.


Mark Semple is a Certified Comprehensive Coach, Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher, Author and Speaker. He has supported many clients in releasing that which was impeding them from fully enjoying their life journey. Mark utilizes a variety of intuitive coaching & energy clearing techniques to identify and resolve the root causes of his clients opportunities. Mark is also passionate about sharing the gifts of yoga and essential oils.

You are Unique

You are unique – how can your transformation experience not be the same?

The myriad of programs out there all have something to offer albeit they may not include the critical aspects for your transformation.

Seeking Your Oasis was created by Kalpana Vasu, Andres DeJesus and Mark Semple to provide a unique transformation experience.

Understanding that everyone has something distinct in their energy, emotions, experience, we are able to zero in on the specific elements of you that require attention and adjustment.

We offer intuitive application of yoga, meditation, breathwork, Reiki, psychic readings, essential oils, energy clearing & healing, chakra balancing, nutritional insights and more to optimize your energy and support the shifts that are pertinent to your transformation. 

This experience is provided through empowering workshops, retreats and individual sessions.


What People Are Saying

“In working with Kalpana’s compassionate and empowering coaching style over the course of several months, I’ve managed to rediscover my own inner *gogetta* — addressing fears and underlying beliefs about myself, which have been holding me back for years. Specifically, believing in myself, that I am worthy of abundance — that I deserve a happy life. Kalpana digs deep and establishes a comfortable conversation during coaching calls — it’s like talking to family or a close friend. I am blessed to have her in my life, as she coaches me to develop my business and personal dreams in a way I could not have done on my own. She’s worth every penny, folks! You must hire her to understand what I mean. Kalpana will get you relief and get you moving towards your dreams.

Thank you Kalpana for coming into my life!”

Sid Andruska

NASM Certified Fitness Trainer,

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark on more than one occasion.  He is a gifted energy worker and compassionate coach.  Mark can help you achieve your goals by uncovering and clearing away anything standing in your way.  He will gently guide you and work with you to rise above or release any obstacles or blockages.  Of course we still have to take action but it is so much easier when the path is clearer.  If the opportunity presents – work with Mark – you will be happy you did!”

Heidi B

When I started working with Kalpana, I was in a dark place. I had no energy to work on my projects and was recovering from a relationship that did not work out. Kalpana helped me push the reset button on my life, asking me questions and acting as a guide to pinpoint areas where I was stuck in my life. Working with her allowed me to identify areas where I needed to slow down in my life. Most importantly, Kalpana helped me jump start work on my novel, which I had been neglecting. Three months later, and I’ve been working full steam ahead on my book, with several tools in my pocket to keep me focused, happy, and energetic. Thank you so much, Kalpana!”