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Our unique transformation retreats are designed to provide an empowering experience for you to discover and live into your personal oasis.

That inner sanctuary that makes all other aspects of your journey fulfilling.

You will share the space with like-minded journeyers & seekers and empowered teachers & guides who have succeeded in their own journeys of transformation. (And continuing to evolve in amazing ways)

You will experience yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing), chakra balancing, Reiki Healing, psychic readings, energy clearings, essential oils, coaching tools, nature excursions, nutritional insights and more.

Additionally, emotional healing, inner child healing, conscious relationships, releasing limiting beliefs to invite abundance in all areas of your life.

Manifest Your Dream Life in 3 Easy Steps

A Unique 1 – Day Transformational Retreat in


December 7th 2019 

The art of bringing what you desire into your reality is referred to as manifesting.

The Seeking Your Oasis team is hosting a 1 day retreat – Manifest Your Dream Life in 3 Easy Steps.This transformational retreat will be a one of a kind event which will help clear, balance and elevate your energy to a high level and make you a powerful magnet to all your heartfelt desires such as achieving that dream job, living in financial freedom, having that phenomenal body, experiencing the most harmonious relationships and so on.

This event will include yoga, meditation,  grounding, breath work, energy attuning, psychic readings, a unique exercise in helping you align with your desires, as well as other fun manifesting exercises that are scientifically based. Participants will leave with a concrete and powerful action plan that they can implement on a regular basis to turn their dreams into reality.

If you are ready to experience the bliss of attaining that which you truly desire, please register now to reserve your spot.

All for just $180 per person  – Reserve your spot today.

Please note our cancellation/refund policy:

Cancel on or before November 7, 100% refund will be given.

Cancel on or before November 21, 50% refund will be given.

After November 21, no refunds will be given.

For more information email us at

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“This workshop is truly wonderful for anyone who would like to understand the universal energies and how we are all affected by it and affect it in turn. You learn to relax and access various techniques and modalities to gain relaxation and serenity.”

– Rachel D


” This was my first experience and I really enjoyed learning . The coaches are amazing and truly genuine. So happy I came! “

– Alisia R


“I feel more calm without trying. I felt like I released issues that I had kept in. I learned a lot about what we do and feel as human and how that affects us in our daily lives “

– Tania M


” Feeling grounded with every part of my physical body. Feeling lighter after a day of listening, breathing and learning”

– Miguelina C


” The Letting go program was excellent and allowed me to be free and understand things so I can release and let go.The meditation and techniques were excellent!”

– Sridhar R


” As this was my very first retreat ever, I must say it was an amazing experience. The entire team was very thorough in their area of expertise. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience.”

– Ranjeeta


” This is basically my first real step to healing and becoming more in tune with myself and my spirituality. I knew and was expecting a positive experience but I never thought I would connect with myself let alone others the way I did. I learned a lot today and look forward to my journey.”

– Leslie R


The experience at this event showers you with warmth and awakens you to your potentials and leaves you free to breathe.

– Melita C

Letting go to create space for more

A Unique 1-Day Empowered Living Retreat in


Saturday, October 05 |  8:00am – 6:00pm.

How are you feeling about the state of your life in this moment?

How happy are you?

How confident do you feel?

How grounded & centered are you?

How inspired or motivated are you?

How excited are you about where life is going?

How free are you from past events & experiences?

How fulfilling is your relationship?

How well are you sleeping?

How is your energy throughout the day?

Here’s the good news:

You can let go of that which is impeding you.

In this empowering 1-day retreat, the Seeking Your Oasis team will be sharing insights into

simple powerful techniques to discern what emotions, beliefs, past traumas, fears, relationship patterns and dietary habits

are no longer serving you, and how to let go of them.

You will experience yoga, breath work, grounding, meditation, coaching, energy clearing,

psychic readings, insights into your current energetic state and more.

Our event is held at a wonderful space in the heart of vibrant Forest Hills.

There is easy access by bus, subway, LIRR or car. Light refreshments will be available.

For lunch, there is a variety of restaurant choices, plus a lovely park to enjoy.

All for just $210 per person  – there are a limited number of spaces available. Reserve yours today.

Please note our cancellation/refund policy:

Cancel on or before September 7, 100% refund will be given.

Cancel on or before September 21, 50% refund will be given.

After September 21, no refunds will be given.

For more information email us at

(*you will be taken to PayPal to complete this transaction)

20th July Retreat

1-Day Transformational Retreat in East Stroudsburg PA 

July 20, 8:00am – 5:00pm.

You will experience grounding & centering, gentle yoga, guided meditation, group psychic reading, energy clearing, clarifying exercises and more.

You will learn some simple shifts you can incorporate into your daily practice to be more grounded and connected to yourself, feeling more ‘you’ and present throughout your day.

All for just $120 per person.

Vegetarian lunch and beverages included.

For more information email us at


“This retreat gave me the ability to find my inner voice which is exactly what I wanted. The retreat helped me work on methods to find inner peace and strength and gave me assurance that I am on a good path and I need to engage in more activities like this.”

– Miguelina C


” This retreat was very nourishing to my spirit! Reminded me that I have to continue to invest in myself before tending to others. Thank you for sharing your energy with me. Super helpful!! “

– Denise F


” Today’s retreat was awesome! It provided me with great insight. Loved the meditation, yoga, psychic insights and connecting with everyone in attendance.  Would highly recommend this retreat to anyone needing to connect to themselves! Awesome time! “

– Diane S


” No words for how amazing this retreat was. The teachers were great and very knowledgeable. They made everything so interesting. I learnt a great amount and left feeling more empowered. Thank you so much! “

– Sage T