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About Our Mission

An Oasis is a sanctuary in the middle of the desert wilderness that has that most important element to life – water.

It’s a fertile patch in the midst of bleakness where one can rest, rejuvenate,

honor yourself and prepare for the next phase of your journey.

Your Oasis is similar albeit is that space within you where there is peace, love, light, joy, bliss, passion and more.

In the hectic wilderness of modern life, with all of its stresses, commitments and (seemingly) sparse time,

you may find yourself yearning to be somewhere else, distant from all these demands on you and

enjoying your time as you.

How in tune are you with what this means for you?

How content are you right now with your life, your relationship, your vocation,

your social circle, your body, your divinity?

How important is it find your Oasis – this space where you experience peace,

you feel like you are truly yourself, you have found time for the things that are important to you and

your relationship is in a space you have longed for?

The first step is to know that you CAN have what you desire and that transformation of your reality can be achieved.

The next step is to make the commitment to yourself to allow this transformation to occur.

Then, to participate in our unique workshops & retreats where you will

determine what needs to shift for you and receive the tools & support for it to happen.

Your Oasis Awaits. . .


“Thank you for the awesome retreat. A wonderful day filled with authentic healers and meaningful content ”

– Norma S


“Today was an incredible day. The meditation and yoga was relaxing and recharging. I felt an electric shoot through my hands and feet. The Chakra exercise was a magical feeling that gave me the clarity I was looking for. Thank you to all 3 of you!! Today was an incredible experience! “

– Johanna F


“After this wonderful retreat, I feel I have more positive energy and feel balanced. Prior to attending this retreat I had never felt the way I did once I attended it. It was a great experience. Thank you ”

– Shen W