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Our unique transformation retreats are designed to provide an empowering experience for you to discover and live into your personal oasis.

That inner sanctuary that makes all other aspects of your journey fulfilling.

You will share the space with like-minded journeyers & seekers and

empowered teachers & guides who have succeeded in their own journeys of transformation. (And continuing to evolve in amazing ways)

You will experience yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing), chakra balancing, Reiki Healing, psychic readings, energy clearings, essential oils, coaching tools. nature excursions, nutritional insights and more.

Additionally, emotional healing, inner child healing, conscious relationships, releasing limiting beliefs to invite abundance in all areas of your life.

20th July Retreat

1-Day Transformational Retreat in East Stroudsburg PA 

July 20, 8:00am – 5:00pm.

You will experience grounding & centering, gentle yoga, guided meditation, pranayam (breathing exercises), chakra balancing, group psychic reading, energy clearing, clarifying exercises, essential oils insights, simple & powerful nutritional shifts and more.

You will learn some simple techniques you can incorporate instantly into your daily practice to be more grounded and connected to yourself, feeling more ‘you’ and present throughout your day.

All for just $120 per person.

Vegetarian lunch and beverages included.

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