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What will actually work to transform your life?

What is the shortest distance between your current reality and your dream life experience?


There are so many programs, modalities, philosophies, diets, products, etc., that all promise some amazing difference in your life journey. You have probably tried many of them and – even though you experienced some benefit – you’re finding yourself still not quite feeling the way that you want to. Something is still not firing properly. You’re still not quite feeling as the true YOU. Your energy still feels a bit funky. Your relationship hasn’t exploded into that phenomenal blissful experience.

How often do you find yourself frustrated that all your efforts have yet to produce that ideal state of being that you desire? How confusing does it feel to find that next thing to try to see if that is the one that will bring it all home?

What if you can be done with trying things and feeling disappointed & frustrated? What if you can receive clarity as to what the actual opportunity is for you and effective guidance on the shifts that will bring you into the space you desire?

At Seeking Your Oasis, we have been on this same path for a while. Our journeys have included getting trained and certified in various skills that allow us to zero in on your unique opportunity, dispel any specific blocks you have and chart the course that is geared toward you shifting into your ideal space, in a way that is fulfilling for you. And our life experiences have encountered many of the same opportunities as yours. We have experienced pain, frustration, confusion, struggle. We learned to not give up, to let go of what needed to be released to create the space for that which was essential for us. We opened up to a new way of being, living & loving, and learned to flow with life as opposed to resisting it.

You are unique – how can your transformation experience not be the same? The myriad of programs out there all have something to offer albeit they may not include the critical aspects for your transformation.

Seeking Your Oasis was created by Kalpana Vasu, Andres DeJesus and Mark Semple to provide a unique transformational experience. Understanding that everyone has something distinct in their energy, emotions, experience, we are able to zero in on the specific elements of you that require attention and adjustment. We offer intuitive application of yoga, meditation, breathwork, Reiki, psychic readings, essential oils, energy clearing & healing, chakra balancing, nutritional insights and more to optimize your energy and support the shifts that are pertinent to your transformation. This experience is provided through empowering workshops, retreats and individual sessions.

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Kalpana Vasu is a certified Life Coach, Heal your Life workshop leader and Reiki practitioner. She supports people in all phases of their transformation via a variety of healing techniques.


 Andre De Jesus is a gifted psychic who has changed many lives with his spot on intuitive readings.


 Mark Semple is a Certified Comprehensive Coach, Ripple Magic Leader and energy healer. Using a variety of intuitive practices, mark is able to rapidly discern the root of a block and permanently resolve it.

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